Missionary Zacal Family Attacked and Robbed in Argentina

Dear Pastor and friends,

Last Monday April 3 at around 8:30pm two robbers broke into our house, they immediately point a gun on me and grab me by the neck. They hit my head with their 45cal. handgun, 2 times on the top of my head, 1 on my forehead and 1 on my nose. The other robber got a hold of my wife, pointing a gun also and asking for the money. When my wife told them, we don't have money the robber hit her on the top of her head with the gun and 1 on the forehead. My wife finally gave them the money because they also hit the head of Louise Anne (my eldest daughter). At this time they are already inside our rooms. My other children are crying and shouting stop. When they finally got the money they run out of our house. This all happened in just 15 to 20 mins.

After this we called the Pastor of the church where we stayed and some of the brothers. When they arrived they saw us full of blood on our bodies, I was almost covered by my own blood. They call for the police and the ambulance. When the police and ambulance arrived they interviewed us and brought us to the hospital to be treated. After being treated at the hospital, the pastor decided to bring us to his house to spend the night with them.

They took from us the money we are savings, Php.48,000 cash, earrings and rings of my wife and all our important IDs from Argentina and from the Philippines. They also took our two cellphones. Pastor, we need to find another house to move to as soon as possible. We learned from our neighbors that this house was robbed three times before we transferred here. Please pray that God would provide the finances we need in order for us to transfer to a house. We will need two months advance rent and two months security deposits in order for us to move in to another house..

But above all these things God is so kind and faithful that we know He is in control of all the situations. Together we realized we are all still alive and no one was shot and killed. Praise the Lord!!! We can still give glory to God by serving Him with all our hearts!!! Please help us pray that we could overcome the trauma we are experiencing now. my wife and children can't sleep well at midnight.

Your Missionaries in Argentina,

Bro.Zacal and Family

This email was received by Pastor Byars from missionary Zacal in Argentina. If you want to help Bro. Zacal and family kindly coordinate with the ABC office.

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Posted: 4/12/2017 11:49 AM

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