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Men of Missions Memorial Fund


In the past quarter century God has raised up men and churches in Asia to spark the hearts of Asian believers with the challenge of world evangelism. The flame began to burn in the Philippines and has spread to other Third World countries as well with the belief that nothing is impossible for God when it comes to the great commission. Some of those men who have led the way have already been promoted to heaven. It is our desire to honor the Lord and their memory of reaching the world from Asia. The men of Missions memorial fund is an opportunity for churches and individuals to give a special Financial gift that would be available for missionaries who are using the services of the Asian Baptist Clearinghouse. The memorial funds would be used for missionary endeavors around the world. The generous gifts of churches and individuals could be used to enhance the missionaries mission work in form filled with buildings, land, visa, special needs. The memorial funds would be mainly disbursed by the board of trustees of the Asian Baptist Clearinghouse.

This is an opportunity to be a special blessing to all missionaries on the field. Please add the Men of Missions memorial fund to your monthly contributions and send it to the ABC office along with your monthly support for Missions. God will bless the giver and the gift for souls around the world.