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About Us

The clearinghouse is the bridge between the two essential elements of the great commission: The local church and the missionary. The clearinghouse does not replace the local church as a commissioning and sending agent. The clearinghouse is a service center for world evangelism. ABC facilitates the receiving and sending of monthly support for the missionaries from the local churches. The ABC office assists with logistical support for the church and missionary.


Asian Baptist Clearinghouse is a faith-based ministry. We operate from the freewill gifts of churches and contributors who see the clearinghouse as an excellent means of helping send the gospel message. No service charge is  deducted from the missionaries support.


A board of pastors and missionaries directs ABC. The Board helps with major decisions affecting the Clearinghouse. They interview the potential candidates wishing to use the Clearinghouse’s facilities and decide who can or can not be a part of the ABC missionary family.